Gordon A. Bailey  BSc PhD
A Triangulated Perspective:  the positive, the negative & the critical
Gordon A. Bailey  BSc  PhD

A Triangulated Perspective: the positive, the negative,
& the critical

Gordon A. Bailey

I was born in Montréal in 1946, raised in Minnesota and Saskatchewan and am now living in Victoria, BC. I taught Sociology at Capilano University in North Vancouver for eighteen years - commuting by ferry, transit and bicycle. My writing has included three books in sociology - on theory, on ideology, and an introductory text (still under construction). I am intending to shift my writing focus to essays, articles and various forms of fiction.

Most Recent Publications:

White Noise ... Black Oil
(It's all about everything)

Contradictions emerge.  Government policies and their 'Action Plan' started as 'White Noise', then began dismantling sound scientific work, environmental protections, research and Coast Guard stations, enacting the Anti-Terrorism bill ... an endless list.  The 'White Noise' became drivel smothering our historical democratic country, pushing it toward fascism.  Because of his past case-work Tom Severn becomes one of their targets!

Graphics & Design by Link Phillips  www.linkphillips.ca
ISBN:  9780987947444

The Prayer Book
Tom Severn rides again.  The eco-green detective has his own position on the Northern Gateway Pipeline and the Kinder Morgan refit.  Cycling against the grain has become a 'vocation'!  Severn cycles inner Vancouver and the North Shore.  The 'nodding donkey' cycles in southern Alberta while excavators and dump trucks pull bitumen from the Tar Sands in the north.  Somebody's not paying attention or perhaps paying too much attention.  Kidnapping, extortion, fanaticism!

Graphics & Design by Link Phillips  www.linkphillips.ca
ISBN:  978-0-9879474-1-3

The Jagged Cup
Tom Severn - Green Detective

A mystery involving a green, bicycle riding private investigator dealing with environmental issues in and around Vancouver, B.C.

Graphics & Design by Link Phillips  www.linkphillips.ca
ISBN:  978-0-9879474-0-6

Available at:
Y's Books  4307 Main St. Vancouver, BC  604-879-9676
Tanglewood Books  2306 Broadway W., Vancouver, BC  604-736-8876
Russell Books, 734 Fort St. Victoria, BC  250-361-4447
Tanner's Books, 2436 Beacon Ave. Sidney, BC  250-656-2345
or The Prayer Book Cowboy is available as an ebook on Amazon,
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To order:  Please send a cheque for $19.26 ($14.95 plus $4.31 shipping anywhere in Canada) for each book to Gordon A. Bailey, 1110 - 160 Wilson St. Victoria, B.C.  V9A 7P9  or Contact us through this website for further information.

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