Gordon A. Bailey  BSc PhD
A Triangulated Perspective:  the positive, the negative & the critical




Gordon and Sue Bailey, amongst other things, have had a research and writing relationship of more than 30 years.


With a Ph.D. in Education and Social Thought, I worked, researched, and wrote about educational issues before moving in a mid-career change – into Sociology where my publications took a different tack. I have researched and written in a variety of domains from environmental issues to feminist work over the past number of years.


I have a strong background in research, development, organization, planning and implementation.  I've spent the last twelve years working with various groups developing marketing and promotional plans; worked ten years in the not-for-profit sector managing and developing division-wide fundraising policies, and program materials; six years as Constituency Assistant to a Member of the BC Legislature serving as his representative liaison in the community; two years as curator involving the display, cataloguing, and archiving of artifacts and photographs; and graduated from University with a grounded knowledge of native people's issues and concerns as well as their material culture.

My strengths include the ability to analyze and deal with a broad spectrum of issues; ability to plan and make decisions based on sound judgment; ability to organize and problem solve for maximum results; ability to work with stakeholders around contentious or confused issues to find common ground for discussion and define mutually acceptable results; good communication and presentation skills; and a keen desire to work as part of a team.


Together, Gordon and Sue, write research papers and grant proposals, edit manuscripts, develop marketing plans, and give critical analysis to a variety of domains. 

They work from their home on Pender Island but have contacts and bases in Vancouver, Victoria, and Vancouver Island. 

They welcome work in the following domains:

  • Environmental issues as related to community social development
  • Critical social analysis and critique
  • Community organizing
  • Marketing plans
  • Third party evaluation of reports and papers
  • Editing of manuscripts and reports


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